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What does the low tech method of GIFS represent to you in 2017?

From 1980’s to 2017 Gif’s have changed from the quality and what we use them for but the meaning behind it hasn’t. GIF does stand for graphic interchange format simple as if you have a computer and you are wanting to be able make your graphic move you are capable of that. For over thirty years programmers and many different people have been using GIF’s. Gif’s are democratic meaning different types of work are able to use this idea it’s free for anyone to use for anything. When talking about Dancing girl by Chuck Poynter he was a very well known classic GIF maker and user. Mostly known for the Dancing girl she swivels and as they say works her way into your heart at one point.

Gif’s are now medium and are more accessible to anyone which means you can remind and reinterpret all the gifs. There low tech method allows everyone to share their GIF’s on a social media platform. One of the first places I saw a GIF was on Tumblr a blogging site, and they come in different forms political, funny and reaction GIF’s etc. I think GIF’s should be in the work force I know many people don’t see it that way because a lot of the GIFs you see are funny memes or reaction GIF’s but there are different ways we could utilize this in a professional way. For websites to get the reader's attention or for the social media platform making it more professional so that companies can use it to their advantage. GIF’s I think make everything less boring, they give movement obviously that helps. It gives the work force a more modern feel, I’ve been to a lot of sporting events throughout my life. From College football to major league baseball games over the years the graphics have changed. Nobody realizes it but the little baseballs bouncing across the screens are GIF’s or when the super bowl logo spins around on huge LED screen. GIFS are democratic in nature so that means anyone can design and benefit from their use, making when it’s sociability enhances their use. One of the reason GIFS are widely used all over the world is just like language nobody actually owns the GIFS. Promoting goodwill and kindness allowing users to download for free and allow them to copy the GIFS and remake them.

Sunday, September 24, 2017


When I started thinking out what I wanted to mash together to make a monster. I love skulls and Halloween so I was thinking about a "grave keeper" character. I wanted him to be a spooky monster that you would see walking through the grave yard. I started off by using the magic wand tool to cut out the body. I used in the filters crystallize on his eyes to make them unique and not just black. Secondly, I cut out of the wings and moved the layer behind the body layer. Changing the hue of the wings so they would be a deep red. Lastly, I added flames to his skulls with snakes coming out using the transform key to position them perfectly. I also used the smudge tool to help the flames and skull mesh well together. For the second piece, I put together different Pokemon's making a Pokemon hybrid. I used difference of clouds on the body because I wanted to change up the look of the normal Pokemon. I used the eraser tool to take body parts off or make them smaller so they would fit well together. Lastly, for the third piece I used the smudge and blur tool to put pieces together. The magic wand came in hand to nicely and quickly remove background I didn't want in the picture anymore. To give the photo more depth I used the drop shadow on some pieces to make them pop more.



Through out this project I really tried to mess around in photoshop with different filters, drop shadows, and changing the hues. The smudge tool really came in handy when working on the dachshund where I removed his head to attach it to the black horses body. Using the blurry and smudge tool together so I could make it seem more realistic their bodies were together. When I was trying different things I really liked using difference of clouds on some of the pieces almost giving it a tie-dye look. I did struggle with the second piece I did I really wanted the Pokemons to mash well together, I wanted to strictly use all Pokemon characters in that photomontage.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017


Every art form over the generations has changed, been tweaked, or modify. Last week we talked about the traditional art pieces and how it has influenced New Media Art forms. As well as photography, different styles and modify have happened over the years. That has not changed the actual meaning of photographic art. If and when we make any changes to a photograph it’s in the stages of development. In this essay he specifically talks about modifications before the picture is actually taken. 
In the introduction of his essay he makes a statement a photographic image may look like a reality, but the truth is measured in assets in the moments that led up to capture that unique moment. Everyone has the impulse to perfect, define and make reality stronger than ever in a photographic to remember. Wet/darkroom photography really thrived around the idea of being spontaneous pictures. According to the article by Philip Gefter states, many of the images have been down to have been taken at the moment, so to speak, but really they were staged photographs to feel like real ones. Another change/difference that is between wet/darkroom photography and digital processes is that both processes is that they do alter the image, but digital processes make it way easier for the their artist to change the images in their artwork. They are able to still make it look like wet/darkroom photography. In the past, artist did not have the option to be able to have this technology at their fingertips. In modern society, they are now capable of so much more having a large range of that they can alter. Also more available or easier to artist for their artwork to be changed such as changing the lighting, colors, hues, image field, and being able to merge different photographs and images that wet/darkroom photography.  These assumptions are very accurate because with adobe softwares now a days we have so much capability to alter our images.
When talking about digital process, we can still take them in a spontaneous setting or way. The difference is that digital process alters or makes modifications to those photographs afterwards. Simple as making changes by using editing software/programs to transform and move parts around the image to a different location or even merging two together. According to the article by Philip Gefter, coloring and contracting become a big factor because those are little things that you can alter that can give an image a complete different look. One of the very implied changed/differences between digital processes and wet/darkroom photography is simply that while digital processes change the original photo/artwork in a small or drastic way. Wet/darkroom photography most of the time does not alter after taking the photos. 
One of the most unique things about this essay is that learning that for over a 100 years we have been using this traditional way of basically staging an event so that they can take pictures of that moment. To get the right angle they may just make the model tilt his a a different way to be more dramatic.